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BPIS Can. Ch. Lynallans Brushwood Tempest


Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Saxon Shore Roll of Thunder SC

Dam: Can. Ch. Taymarc's Black Ice

Born: April 11, 2001


Bred By: Brushwood (Dennis Sumara), Lynallan (Susan Nordstrom), Endeavor (Linda Stewart)

Owned By: Brushwood (Dennis Sumara), Lynallan (Susan Nordstrom), Endeavor (Linda Stewart)



"Tema" is from the first litter concieved with frozen semen from "Mr. Bean".

We have high hopes for our "Beanie Baby" and look forward to a promising future.

Many thanks again to Dennis Sumara (Brushwood) and Linda Stewart (Endeavor) for allowing "Tema" to stay and play with us in Canada.


Tema is currently out and about with Raymond Yurick and Shawn Nichols and is heading to the USA to she if she can attain some points towards her American Championship.

Good Luck "Tema Bean", We Miss You!!


Tema's debut in the States was amazing!!!!!!  See Below for the Results!!!


On January 11, 2002 at the Tacoma Kennel Club in Puyallup, Washington, USA under judge Rose Ellen Fetter Tema was awarded Reserve Winners Female to a major!!!!!!


On January 12, 2002 at the Sammamish Kennel Club in Puyallup, Washington, USA Tema received Winners Female for a 4 Point Major under judge Joan Frailey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Picture Coming Soon!)


On January 13, 2002 at the Puyallup, Washington, USA Tema received Reserve Winners Female to a major under judge Donald Fitzsimmons at the Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers Inc. show!!!!


On January 20, 2002 at the Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon Tema recieved Winners Female another 4 Point Major under judge D. Jay Hyman Esq!!!!!

(Picture Coming Soon!)


Special thanks to Ray and Shawn for doing such a phenomenal job with the "Tema-Bean"!



"Tema" has obtained her Canadian Championship in only 7 days of showing!

See below for the results.


"Tema" had an absolutely fantastic first day out as a junior puppy.

She made her debut October 19,2001 in Edmonton at the

Northern Alberta Canine Association Shows

and her results were;

Winners Female

Best of Breed

Best Puppy in Breed

Group 4

Best Puppy in Group


Best Puppy in Show!

Many thanks to the Judge, Michael Shoreman for recognizing

the potential of this young lady.

Pictured winning Group 4th and Puppy Group


Pictured winning Best Puppy In Show

"Tema" pictured with her Best Puppy In Show ribbon.


On October 21,2001 she recieved Reserve Winners Female

and another

Puppy in Group from Breeder/Judge- Dave Markus

This Win Is Pictured Below


On October 27, 2001 "Tema" recieved Winners Female, Best of Breed, Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed

and another

Group 4'th under Judge-Judith Shurb

(Pictured Below)


November 30, 2001 at the Calgary Kennel and Obedience Club show she was awarded Reserve Winners Female and Puppy in Breed under Judge- Helen Lee James.


December 2, 2001 "Tema" finishes her Canadian Championship as a Junior Puppy with Winners Female, Best of Winners and another Best Puppy in Group under Judge- Marilyn Mincey.

Pictured Above Finishing Her Canadian Championship and Winning Best Puppy In Group

Thank you to all of the Judges who have recognized this young girls potential.


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