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Am. MBPIS Can. Ch. Lynallans Brushwood Tempest


Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Saxon Shore Roll of Thunder
Dam: Can. Ch. Taymarc's Black Ice
Born: April 11, 2001
Co-Bred/Co-Owned By: Lynallan (Susan Nordstrom), Brushwood (Dennis  Sumara) &
Endeavor (Linda Stewart)

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Teema @ 1.5 Years


Teema is a beautiful young whippet that has a wonderful future ahead of her.  She has wonderful, sound movement and lovely features.  Her temperament is very outgoing and happy and she has lots of attitude which is great for the show ring.



Teema has a wonderful pedigree that combines top winning/producing dogs from Canada and the USA.  She is heavily line-bred to Am. Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Waves - "Jason".



After a FANTASTIC puppy career Teema is now at home waiting to mature before going into the ring again.

Teema winning BPIS #4 Under Mrs. Mike MacBeth


Teema easily finished her Canadian Championship in only 7 days of showing!!! (Handled To Her Championship, by myself, Alyssa Nordstrom)  On her VERY first day in the ring, she received Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Group 4'th, Puppy Group & Best Puppy in Show under Michael Shoreman!!!!!  She finished her puppy career with 3 back to back Puppy Groups and ANOTHER Best Puppy In Show!!!!!  After Teema finished her championship she was handled by Raymond Yurick and Shawn Nichols - Thanks For Doing Such A Wonderful Job With Teema!!!


Teema finished her American Championship easily, with two 4 point majors (as a puppy) and two 5 point majors!  Teema is Lynallans first American Champion.


 Canadian Show Record

Best Puppy In Show-5 Times

Group 1st-3 Times

Group 2nd-2 Times

Group 4th-2 Times

Best Puppy in Group-12 Times

Best of Breed-7 Times

Best Puppy In Breed-13 Times


American Show Record

In just 11 days of showing Teema finished her American Championship with 4 majors!!

American Whippet Club Supported Entry (Jan.12/02)

Winners Female, Breeder/Judge Joan Frailey

4 Point Major


Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon (Jan.20/02)

Best of Winners, Breeder/Judge David Hyman

4 Point Major


Helena Montana Kennel Club, Inc (Sept.20/02)

Winners Female, Judge Lawrence J. Sinclair

5 Point Major


Gallatin Dog Club (Sept.24/02)

Winners Female, Judge William Bergum

5 Point Major



While Being Shown In The States Teema also recieved 3 Reserves To Majors

Tacoma Kennel Club (Jan.11/02)

Reserve Winners To A Major, Judge Rose Ellen Fetter

Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers Inc (Jan 13/02)

Reserve Winners To A Major, Judge Donald Fitzsimmons

Gallatin Dog Club (Sept.23/02)

Reserve Winners To A Major, Breeder/Judge Joan Frailey


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