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Litter 4


Litter Bred By: Brushwood (Dennis Sumara), Saxon Shore (Daniel Lockhart) & Lynallan (Susan Nordstrom)


Puppies Born January 29, 2002

6 Boys & 2 Girls



Am. Can. Ch. Saxon Shore Roll of Thunder

"Mr. Bean"

Owned By: Brushwood (Dennis Sumara & Brent Davis) & Endeavor (Linda Stewart)

Am. Can. Ch. Saxon Shore Brushwood Astarte


Owned By: Brushwood (Dennis Sumara & Brent Davis) & Saxon Shore (Daniel Lockhart)

Male #1 - Cruise

Brushwood Lynallan Cruise

Cruise Now Lives With A Loving Family, But they have asked not to have their names put on the internet for their privacy.

Cruise Is Pictured At 9 Weeks


Male #2 - Rio

Lynallans Rio At Brushwood

Rio Is Owned By His Breeders:
Dennis Sumara (Brushwood)

Daniel Lockhart (Saxon Shore)


Susan Nordstrom (Lynallan)

Rio is Pictured @ 4 Months


Male #3 - Shaker

Lynallans Brushwood Shaker

Shaker Lives With Lynne Fennell In Calgary AB

Shaker Is Pictured @ approx. 15 Weeks


Male #4 - Riot

Brushwood Riot At Lynallan

Riot Is Owned By:
Dennis Sumara (Brushwood)

Susan Nordstrom (Lynallan)

June Hartley (Harjue)

Daniel Lockhart (Saxon Shore)

Riot Is Pictured @ 15 Weeks


Male #5 - Skid

Lynallans Brushwood Skid

Skid's New Owners, Like Cruise's, do not want their names published on the internet to keep their privacy.

Skid is pictured @ 9 weeks


Male #6 - Spark

Brushwoods Spark At Lynallan

Spark Is Owned By Dr. Linda Laidlaw and Lives In Edmonton AB.

Smudge @ 9 Weeks


Female # 1 - Mercy

Mercy now lives in Wickenburg, Arizona USA with Keith & Cindy Shuck & Family

Mercy Is Pictured With Her New Owner, Cindy @ approx. 3 Months


Female #2 - Riddle

Riddle Lives In Mission Viejo, California, USA with Calvin & Laura Lindsey & Family

Riddle Is pictured above @ approx. 4 months at her new home in CA